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This book blew me away…

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Oh, and that rainbow on the sun thing…

July 28, 2020

by: The Bloomington Wailer on Walnut

If you want to keep up with Will, Dom and the posse in their continual pursuit of righting the wrongs of the world, you’ll need a good pair of track shoes and a set of lungs to match. Revenge meted out against those close to our hero is a very bad presumptive maneuver as the antagonists in AROTS come to find out all too well and that first step of revenge against posse loved ones will bear the full burden of a whole lot worse retribution to be suffered. Our man Kavanaugh travels to the far corners of the world and yet stays true to his core all the way with wicked love making, undying loyalty to his own, moving through the shadows and settling all scores with a final revenge served cold like crow on a plate. Will and team are at their most ruthless and cunning selves as A Rainbow on the Sun provides a lightening strike to your soul.

Loved A Rainbow On the Sun a lot…go Will Kavanagh!…

August 26, 2020

by: Marco Islander

Man, I thought I was reading Valley of the Dolls and then it was like The Last Samurai. What the hell is Kavanagh, the Cajun inventor of the fantasy thriller! Now I read the big action authors, but Kavanagh has the balls to lay it just the way we live it! I thought I was in for a nice, enjoyable book but things went to late nights the first day. The pace, the places, this freaking grey zone, this book flew by as fast as I could read it. Nobody would take on the Yakuza, that is without the Tong as their allies, and a half million in bullion? The rock music that springs up is so damn different than any other author I’ve read, and I admit Kavanagh somehow hits the nail on the head every blow! About this trip to the rainbow on the sun…I’m working on the wife but she’s a little queasy on the breathing thing…but I am not giving up! Got lucky on my first Kavanagh fantasy thriller because he knocked it out of the stadium! Can’t wait for the next one, but I put out the word on Fb so all my friends know too. Loved A Rainbow On the Sun a lot…go Will Kavanagh!


A Sexy, Military-Inspired, Legal Thriller

April 2, 2013

by: SC Camper

Mr. Kavanagh's first book does not disappoint. It is set in many exotic locales with very memorable characters and takes the reader on an exciting journey. This is a book that men and women alike will enjoy. I can't wait to read the next book!

XWK’s Maiden Voyage a Winner, The Cure for the Common Novel!

April 11, 2013

by: The Bloomington Wailer on Walnut

Finally, a gripping story absent the corporate masquerade of the real writer tagged “with” behind the hoax of pretense, The Circle, Freelancing With Freud, written by the original, XW Kavanagh, with no third party edit, tells the tale of the young lad’s “Benjamin Braddock-esque’s” rite of passage and travails to manhood. If you subscribe to the Allen Saunders’ notion, popularly plagiarized by John Lennon, Life Happens While You’re Making Other Plans, just wait until you meet the page turner, The Circle, Freelancing With Freud. XWK for the first time in a generation tells it like it is and he doesn’t leave out the ugly. Will Kavanagh lives it one day at a time, raw and unvarnished from life’s mundane turned into the surreal, to sexual encounters starkly detailed. The Circle, FWF is tautly engaging and highly recommended to anyone whose mind is open to the rawness of real life and curious of the exploration of same; an exciting ride that will leave you gasping for the next iteration. Where will XWK go next? Stay tuned!

Freelancing is a compelling read!

April 11, 2013

by: Skip in Colorado

I found Freelancing to be a compelling read. When I started to read it, I was quite busy and figured it would take a couple weeks to get through it. Then I found I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a few days – work came in second. The vivid description of the Philippines and other locations made me feel like I was there. The excitement of the trial and the outcome (I won’t spill the beans) was better than most of the trial-driven books I have read by well-known authors. The sexual themes running throughout the book (yes, and the sex itself) made for an enthralling background to an absorbing personal story. I highly recommend this book.

Hot and heavy

April 12, 2013

by: MiamiFunWorshiper

I was hooked on the Military Court Martial process depicted in Mr. Kavanagh’s great new book, but his sexual romps around the world kept me entertained and excited throughout the experience. A great first novel! I’m giving it to my boyfriend to read. I hope he takes some “tips” from Will Kavanagh’s sex lessons. Beautifully and engagingly presented story. Let’s hope this is not the last we’ve seen of Will Kavanagh.

Who wouldn’t like that about him?

April 16, 2013

by: Dinkey in the Holy City

I finished Freelancing and liked it very much. The story line was excellent. In all honesty, I found Kavanagh’s frequent use of the “F” word uncomfortable. I’m just not a big fan of it. As I’ve often told my husband, it hurts my ears! With that qualification, I like Will Kavanagh – he’s smart, self-confident, well-liked by his peers and superiors, loyal and honest to a fault. He’s a man’s man, and a ladies man who is considerate of their needs, and who wouldn’t like that about him? The run up to the end of Freelancing with Freud is an uninterrupted thrill ride. I’m curious where Will is going next?

This book needs to be on your Kindle!

April 17, 2013

by: NJ Paddler

If you are a fan of adventure this book needs to be on your Kindle period. I have read a lot of well-known authors and this newcomer puts a lot of them to shame. The story is incredible and there are more twists and unexpected turns than I ever anticipated and written in a style that allowed me to immerse myself in the action. There were plenty of places where I was very thankful that it wasn’t me living this story. Yet, what I loved most about this book is that what’s there goes beyond a good yarn to ultimately being about a journey of self-discovery that unfolds as a result of Kavanagh’s trials and triumphs. The level of description also suggests that a lot of this was not pure fiction, but that the author lived a lot of what occurred and somehow survived. Read it and enjoy!

I don’t read a lot, but this book has it all!

January 2, 2014

by: Beau Derek

Great book based on the thrilling life of Will Kavanagh. A journey that takes Will from high school through his military career without a dull moment. This book is a fast paced, detailed legal thriller you will not want to put down. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to his next journey.

Bold and Sexy

January 11, 2014

by: Charleston girl

Can’t wait to see what comes next!!!!! There must be a sequel to this sexy thriller. I found the military court martial story fascinating. Life in Asia for a U.S. Air Force officer is also quite interesting. Excellent story, but then again, “too much sex” is an individual standard. It fit into the story well so it wasn’t like it was purposely contrived. This book could easily be called “Fifty Shades of Kavanagh.”


This author spins the intel game upside down…

October 30, 2014

by: Rocky Fi Seattle

Impossible is the only word that comes to mind. Over the course of this book Will Kavanagh somehow morphs from a wimp to a warrior – with all the scars to show for it! This author spins the intel game upside down: former lover in Paris gives key advice on ouzo; the CIA actually shares intel with him – for $20M in heroin; and his wife provides all the straight skinny for taking that casbah down. The action scenes in this book are nail biters – but Kavanagh’s Posse friends thrive on urban warfare as well as the jungles of Cambodia. Talk about a full service battle squad, this Posse not only terminates the target but should have invented the concept of to the victors go the spoils. Kavanagh’s first book won’t prepare you for It’s Raining In Marrakech -nothing can!

Where the hell does Kavanagh come up with this shit?

February 23, 2015

by: DC Warrior Tim

Where the hell does Kavanagh come up with this shit? Despoiling a virgin so she can escape society? The wife actually plays tag team so her husband can bed the hottest housewife in San Diego? Converting a chance encounter – with a stewardess he bedded days earlier no less – into the most depraved threesome imaginable? I guess this is routine prep for a Kavanagh marriage, but that honeymoon thing was over the top. Meditation, really? For all the fun time front end, this book delivered, the Algerian op turned me into a page turning, to hell with sleep action addict. Superbly done!

From cover to cover, I loved it!

March 17, 2015

by: Palm Beach Shirley

I liked It’s Raining In Marrakech better than the first book, but I can’t figure Will Kavanagh out. By all appearances solely driven by his libido, he suddenly becomes the most concerned and caring lover – relating to Dom’s flashback anxieties while relegating his own hangups to accept having a baby? Insanely inhaling Samantha in that ménage, then melding with Dom’s soul in a fairy tale wedding. An otherwise down to earth pilot told me it’s typical Cajun behavior. The attack on Sandrigan seemed insane; on his territory, in his comfort zone and these Posse guys pull it off like the raid on Entebbe. This book goes all over the place, but ends in the scariest attack against all seeming odds. From cover to cover, I loved it!

Delta Force has rarely pulled off a black op as successfully…

June 5, 2015

by: The Bloomington Wailer

What an incredible follow-up to Freelancing! Now the possibility that two people are convinced they were thwarted lovers in past lives—borderline insane—but Kavanagh pulls it off! They get to do all the things together before heading off to the irresistible final encounter with Sandrigan, Satan’s Angel if ever there was one. Delta Force has rarely pulled off a black op as successfully as Kavanagh’s Posse. Don’t discount the game changer that Mustafa’s resolve and his Bedouin company of fighters were to the good guys survival. Man I’d love to see a movie this well designed. Kavanagh’s hit it out of the ball park twice now, can he top this?


Oh, and that rainbow on the sun thing…

June 26, 2017

by: Roger GT83

What a read! Interesting how Kavanagh almost seems drawn to vets who survived Phoenix Program. Never read a book or seen a movie quite like When There’s No Tomorrow. The Posse takes on all comers and outwits them via incredible alliances. Oh, and that rainbow on the sun thing – my fiancée says I’ve got to take her there, so… Best K&R book ever, man, what a movie it’d be!

This book blew me away…

June 27, 2017

by: ChoirGirl7

This book blew me away – although I’d like to know more about those bronchodilators. Four ravishing women in a hot tub? In Buenos Aires? My brother’s gone on extended church missions, so this book almost became my quest. I can’t remember any other star who brokers his friendships with the rich and famous to such advantage. Now I liked the movie Proof of Life where Russell Crowe played mind games with an ELN-like group, but Kavanagh actually enlists them to overcome seemingly impossible odds. Diabolical genius is what X. W. Kavanagh showed us picking the cartel apart and living to be there for his daughter’s birth. When There’s No Tomorrow is a must read for action/thriller fans.